"Karagayskiy Bor" Health Resort

"Karagayskiy Bor" Health Resort is one of the largest resorts of Chelyabinsk region located in the foothills of the Southern Urals on the border of Verhneuralsk district (Chelyabinsk region) and the mountainous part of Bashkortostan, on the outskirts of a large pine forest of more than 10 km in diameter. Steppe climate, pine air, clean area (situated at 100-200 km distance from major cities), and mineral water – are all natural healing factors that allow to welcome adults and children for various treatment programs.

Urals Natural Health Resort

The unique geographical location of "Karagayskiy Bor" Health Resort between the steppe part of the Trans-Urals and the mountainous part of Bashkortostan creates the microclimate salubrious for people with respiratory and cardiovascular system disorders, while coniferous ionized air enhances the therapeutic effect. "Karagayskiy Bor" Health Resort official site - prices for 2015 Health Resort provides free WI-FI for all vacationers.